Kitchen Rental - Terms & Conditions

Expectations for both parties:

Owner (Bestfood):
- Owner is expected to provide the renter with use of standard kitchen utensils and small appliances.
- Owner is also expected to provide the renter with use of commercial kitchen equipment such as oven, dishwasher, vacuum sealer, ice maker.
- Owner is expected to have equipment in working condition for renters, however equipment breakdowns can occur. Equipment breakdowns do not alter rental terms.
- Owner does not supply any small consumable items at all such as the following:

  • o aluminum foil
  • o parchment paper
  • o vacuum bags
  • o Spices, oils or cooking spray
  • o Date stickers
  • o Gloves
  • o Deli containers

o Best Food Forward will do its best to promote and highlight businesses renting the kitchen and promote and highlight the products that renters are producing while renting the kitchen.

- Renter is required to participate in 1 hour kitchen orientation prior to first kitchen rental time. Kitchen orientation is at a cost of half kitchen rental ($18.00).

Limitations for half kitchen rental:
o Renter is limited to 3 personnel during half kitchen rental.
o Renter has use of only Blodgett commercial oven and a single cooktop or renter has use of both smaller ovens and a single stove top.

When 2 renters are sharing the full kitchen, agreements for use of ovens are to be arranged between renters.

Limitations for full kitchen rental:
o Renters are limited to 6 personnel during a full kitchen rental.
o Full kitchen rental is still limited to the kitchen area and cannot impede or obstruct the retail space.
o **If there is a need/opportunity for a renter to need additional personnel or larger portion of the space (eg: large catering or function to prepare), agreements can be made but must be approved prior to kitchen use and may come with additional cost.

Renters are required to complete cleaning task list as part of the kitchen rental and must fall within the kitchen rental timeframe. Eg: renters cannot rent for 3 hours and perform cleaning duties after 3 hours.

o Cleaning task lists will always be available on the cooler board for every shift and will be reviewed during the orientation.
o Failure to complete the cleaning task list will result in a $150.00 charge.
o If renters are sharing kitchen, the full cleaning list is still required to be completed by each renter.

Agreements can be made between renters on performing cleaning tasks and when, in order to increase efficiency.

- Renters must have up to date insurance coverage for the use of a commercial kitchen. Proof of insurance is required to be submitted prior to first kitchen use.

Food safe certification is required:
o As per RQH requirements, at least 1 member of the renter’s staff must possess a valid Level 1 food safe certificate when operating in the kitchen.

o When promoting products that have been produced in the Best Food Forward kitchen, or when events are held in the Best Food Forward kitchen by renters, it is expected that Best Food Forward kitchen is acknowledged and included in the marketing and promotion.

Booking of the kitchen
o Bookings of the kitchen are on a first come, first serve basis using the online booking tool.
o Bookings are only tentatively approved until a booking confirmation is received from Best Food Forward confirming the rental.
o If you require more time for your rental, permission must be granted from Best Food Forward.
o If renter does not use space for entire time of booking, discounts will not be given.